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luxury chair lift

Is anything more wonderful than the simple pleasure of taking a warm bath in the comfort of your own home? The cares of the day seem to fade away, along with the aches and pains of everyday life. The fear of falling has made the luxury of bathing, and it’s therapeutic benefits, a thing of the past...until now. A battery powered Luxury bath chair lift has been created that offers more than just safe bathing...It offers peace of mind and independence.

The Luxury bath chair lift takes advantage of your existing bathtub, saving you thousands of dollars in costly remodeling expenses. Mounted beside your tub, the chair lift system raises you over the front wall of your tub with the simple push of a button. The chair automatically rotates, allowing you to lower yourself to the bottom of the tub for a warm, soothing bath. When finished you simply press the up button and return to your original starting position, outside of the tub. Ah, the pleasure of a relaxing warm bath is as close as the press of a few buttons.

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